Ad N Ap


Ad N Ap Sdn. Bhd. (AdNAp) is a visionary technology solution and consulting services company founded by Kevin Steer with a team of talented professionals with a track
record of success in serving clients across financial, insurance and Takaful sectors in Asia region for the past 20 years.

Like many other success stories, Ad N Ap started out with a revolutionary vision – the vision to empower the existing and new distribution channels and financial services operators with the latest technology capabilities to modernize their operations, achieve greater productivity and professionalism.

Ad N AP Sdn. Bhd.  was incorporated in Malaysia in 2010. Since its inception, Ad N AP has pioneered various innovative business solutions in mobile technology, social media and web 2.0 capabilities, as well as regulatory compliant software-as-a-service offerings for financial, insurance and takaful industry.

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